Mr. Bartley’s Burgers: A Bite of Harvard History

This past week the BUCCMGBBC2K18 visited Mr. Bartley’s Burgers, an important burger joint in the heart of Harvard (not technically Boston, but we know they want to be so bad) that has satisfied customers since 1960. While we were impressed with the amount of celebrity memorabilia crammed into their dining area, were we impressed with their burgers? Here’s how they shaped up:

Service: 4.5

Our server was outstanding. Not only was she on top of our orders, but she had some great suggestions on how to jazz up some of the menu options.

Time to Serve: 3.8

While we waited significantly less time than at our previous visit to Tasty Burger, it does seem like their kitchen could use so helping hands for the amount of customers they get.

Bun Toastiness and Flavor: 2.7

The bun was just not there, It seemed to be under toasted and really was unremarkable.

Topping Quality: 4

There was quite a variety of toppings available, and they did seem fresh. However, bleu cheese dressing is not a substitute for the real thing.

Burger Quality: 4

The burger patty was extremely thick and so earned 4 stars. However, it missed the 5 because we all felt like something was missing, that extra pizazz.

Fry Quality: 2.7

The fries should be called flops because they just didn’t hit the spot. Good thing they aren’t called Mr. Bartley’s Burgers and Fries.

Menu Variety: 4.7

At Mr. Bartley’s there’s a menu option for everyone. From the Tom Brady to the iPhone, they’ve got a clever range of shady and celebratory burgers for the whole family.


Mr. Bartley’s Burgers is a solid option for a burger in the Harvard area. However, it seems that you really pay for the experience and toppings more than anything else. Maybe we just have really high standards.

Some quotes from members of our fearless team:

“You go in for the experience and the burger is just a nice plus” – Dan “the Man”

“How do you people not know what an egg cream is?!?!” – Mike “the Poet”

“The company was way better than the burgers” – Oldy Berta

“After a long day, it was a pretty good place to eat, kinda got lost in the saucy tho” – Spicy Man Darien

Tasty Burger: A Simple Fenway Staple

Tonight marked the first outing of the BU Catholic Center’s Men’s Group Boston Burger Challenge 2018 (forever abbreviated as BUCCMGBBC2018). We hit Tasty Burger, a burger joint that aims to bring back a 50’s aesthetic and be the new cool kids spot. Did it live up to the hype?

According to our survey:

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Overall, Tasty Burger is a 3.5/5, making it a burger place that squeaks out just above average. Archie and his friends would no doubt be proud.

Some quotes from our brave team:

“As the lone freshman who never went to men’s group before, I was quite skeptical when 3 upperclassmen took me down a shady, dark road for a meal. However, my fears were eased when I took the first bite of the savory gorgonzola burger. Would definitely recommend!” – Mike the Poet

“I went in not knowing what to expect, and left thinking, ‘if I had gone in with low expectations, I would have been pleasantly surprised.'” – Jared Paul Ambrose Guertin

“It was an OK burger. I liked the fries.” – “Soda Pop” Adam

“Meh” – “Old Guy” Nico

“Gotta love the tasty in Tasty Burger” – Dan the Man